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What We Do

The Tactical Guitar Academy is a special learning space for guitarists embarking on their careers in music. With this unique membership, you will be inspired, coached, and empowered to take action on a daily basis to propel you towards your career goals in guitar. This is done through online coaching, engagement with activities, and follow-up discussions. Members get practical strategies and techniques for making a living in music, refining their artistry, and organizing their lives to reach their goals. 

Each month, we address The Core Tactics by covering one of four special areas, or spheres, of focus related to a life with the guitar. Those four areas are known in the Academy as Artesa (artistry)Metiér (profession)Verdure (wellness)and Doyen (mastery).

The topic is broken down into weekly challenges and assignments designed to get you to take action and stay on the path to reaching that particular goal. 

Some examples of the things we work on include building a professional profile, getting and negotiating gigs, performance preparation and practice, merchandising, entrepreneurship, business management, recording, releasing digital music and videos, how to get a record deal, how to self-release your music, crowd-funding, social media management, teaching and so much more. 

The Tactical Guitar Academy will teach you, the guitarist, how to think like an entrepreneur, stay healthy in body and mind, and run your music career like a business.


Led By A Professional

My name is Jesse McCann, host of The Tactical Guitarist Podcast, a show that takes a look at the careers of guitarists. I am a professor of guitar and run the guitar studies program at Portland State University. As a professional musician and teacher, I have over 25 years of knowledge and experience in the field of music performance and business.

Many of us spent time and money learning how to master the guitar. But what about mastering your career with the guitar? I sought to answer this question by starting this special membership that allows you to constantly take action on specific areas related to your life and career with the guitar. I hope you'll join us for a unique experience. 

I am excited to help you grow your career in music. I hope to see you in there! Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions!

[email protected]


Weekly Virtual Calls

Each Friday you’ll have the opportunity to join us on our weekly virtual call to discuss the topic of the month and the weekly assignment.

Special Assignments

Every week you will be given a new assignment designed to get you thinking and acting differently about an element of your career - be it performance, business tactics, practicing, etc.

Resource Library

You will be given full access to all of the academy courses, resources, documents, templates, and guides to help you be more tactical in your career.


Just in case you aren’t able to make one of our live virtual sessions, all sessions will be available for replay.


By becoming a member of The Tactical Guitar Academy you will have access to exclusive Tactical Guitarist gear and merch.

No Contracts

We don’t play games so, if you’re no longer interested in The Tactical Guitar Academy, simply let us know. You’re free to leave any time.


As a member of the Tactical Guitar Academy, you'll have exclusive access to a special community of guitarists who are there to support you. 

From Anywhere

Connect from anywhere, anytime. Our online format allows you to work wherever you need to be. Home, hotel, the beach... we're just a click away. 

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many resources out there. And lots of free content. Doing it all on your own is great, but we can often get derailed by life, procrastination, doubt or even just plain old laziness.

The advantage to joining the Academy is that you will constantly be pushed, challenged, and inspired to put ideas into action.

Having this kind of accountability and feedback goes a really long way in helping you succeed. 

You will need to register your name and a credit card to gain access to the Academy. If, after 30 days from registration, you wish to leave, you can cancel your membership and your card will not be charged. However, if you want to keep going, simply do nothing and your card will be charged either monthly or annually depending on which payment option you choose. 

No. This is not a place where you learn how to play the guitar. Instead, we focus specifically on how to take your playing and make something out of it in the real world. 

No. The Video Calls are recorded and uploaded to the Academy for review anytime. If you can't attend due to scheduling or you don't want to be on the call for some reason, you can always watch later. 

Yes. I offer one on one lessons and coaching. Please reach out to me via email at [email protected]  

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